Discussion group: Imagined Meetings – Wednesday 14 January

Humanities Seminar Room One (Stevens Building, Kensington), 16.30-18.30

Preceding the research biennial, this discussion group seeks to interrogate some of the key questions in the complex and exciting area of ethics and aesthetics and how they impact upon our practice as researchers. The group is aimed at RCA researchers and seeks to open up the discussion as to how ethical considerations might feed into or impact upon our research practice.

Led by artist and researcher Michael Schwab this session explores artistic research in general and its political/ethical implications.

Assuming that in artistic research we may encounter local and limited knowledges, it is difficult to speculate – in general – what its audience might be and what this audience may, actually, experience. It is not enough to simply believe that a host of negotiations have to be entered into, which will eventually be settled; rather, it may well be that the various identities that appear to meet during these negotiations are not necessarily stable and that, perhaps, something or somebody will have become that thing or body only through such a meeting. If this is the case, where is the knowledge and where is it not? And, what relations are implied?


Sean Lowry and Nancy de Freitas, ‘The Frontiers of Artistic Research: The challenge of critique, peer review and validation at the outermost limits of location-specificity‘, 2013.

Convened by the RCA Biennial team