Discussion group: Intrusion and the Ethical Body – Wednesday 28 January

Thames Studio (3rd Floor of Dyson Building, Battersea), 16.30-18.30

Preceding the research biennial, this discussion group seeks to interrogate some of the key questions in the complex and exciting area of ethics and aesthetics and how they impact upon our practice as researchers. The group is aimed at RCA researchers and seeks to open up the discussion as to how ethical considerations might feed into or impact upon our research practice.

In what ways might the body serve as an ethical medium? When all you have is your body, how it can it be used as a medium of protest? Furthermore, how can the body adapt or indeed adopt an ethical position? This discussion session revolves around Jean-Luc Nancy’s text ‘The Intruder’ (2000), reading it in relation to works such as the films L’Intrus (2004, dir. Claire Denis) and Hunger (2008, dir. Steve McQueen).

Complementary film screenings take place in the Gorvy Lecture Theatre (Dyson Building, Battersea) at the following times and dates:

Hunger Wednesday 21 January 15.30-17.10

L’Intrus Wednesday 28 January 14.00-16.15



Jean-Luc Nancy, ‘The Intruder’, 2000

For interest

Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy in conversation on L’Intrus (The Intruder), 2007

Martine Beugnet, ‘The Practice of Strangeness: L’Intrus – Claire Denis (2004) and Jean-Luc Nancy (2000)‘, Film-Philosophy, 12.1 (April 2008)

Convened by Helena Bonett and Susannah Haslam