ICA Salon: Ethics of the Other – Friday 17 April

'What is this figure of the other in me?' Photographic scene, Brigid McLeer 2014

‘What is this figure of the other in me?’ Photographic scene, Brigid McLeer 2014


Cinema 2, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH, 15.00

Tickets are available through the ICA website.

This ICA Friday Salon explores ethical questions related to working with notions of the other in art and design research and practice. It is hosted by doctoral researchers from the Royal College of Art.

Drawing from themes emerging from ethics discussion groups held by RCA researchers, and also following the recent Dor Guez exhibition at the ICA, the Friday Salon will explore what is at stake in making work and research in which a notional other is implicated, whether that other is conscribed in terms of politics, geography, history, material, the institution, ecology or indeed the other of art and design research itself.

By drawing on a range of theory on this subject from psychoanalysis, feminism, new materialism, postcolonial and posthuman studies, as well as the writings of philosophers such as Jane Bennett , Jean-Luc Nancy, Emmanuel Levinas, Jean-François Lyotard and Jacques Rancière, the discussion will investigate the ethical challenges facing contemporary practice when it comes to consider the other as its subject.

Ethics of the Other precedes the opening of the RCA Research Biennial Why Would I Lie?, which is exploring ethics and aesthetics in contemporary art and design research and practice and runs from 18–25 April with a major conference on 18–19 April.

The form of the Friday Salon will be relatively informal. It will begin with a number of short presentations by the RCA researchers and will be followed by questions from the audience.

Presentations will be given by Manca Bajec, Helena Bonett, Susannah Haslam, Peter Le Couteur, Carol Mancke, Brigid McLeer, Peter Wareing and Mercedes Vincente. Dr Kristen Kreider will chair the salon